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    Glass curtain wall

    • Timely delivery
    • 6000 series aluminum
    • Diverse surface treatment and color is our stength
    • Professional R&D team

    As leading aluminium extrusions supplier in China, produce and export glass curtain wall for more than 20 years.

    1. Detailed information

    Glass curtain wall - China aluminum extrusion profiles supplier

    Grade: 6000 series

    Application: Curtain wall

    Certification: ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004

    Color: Black, White, Red, Blue, Grey, etc.

    Surface treatment: Anodized, Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Wooden grain, Shining polishing, Brushed, etc.

    OEM: OEM design available. Drawings or samples can be sent for evaluation

    Email: info@canton-alu.com

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